The Secrets of Tai Chi & Chi Kung-Qi Gong ( 1 st August Sunday )


1. About breath, for beginers,no need special method,just to breathe naturely ,for advanced practioners,they can breathe with belly ,skin or their feet.

2. For better internal balance,you need constrate some points / parts of your body,for higher lever you need constrate your parter's body,for top level you need even constrate 10 meters far away from you while practicing Tai Chi.

3. There is only one point of the energy gate in our body which can let us to receive the energy from the universe,the point is in our palm.if you can receive the energy from the universe,then you can healing for yourself or others,it's very effective.

4. There are 3 Dan Tian in our body,the up Dan Tian sensitive to image;the middle Dan Tian is sensitive to lunguage;the down Dan Tian is sensive to the universe.

5. To sink Chi to Dan Tian is very important when practicing Tai Chi,Chi Kung and Meditation,to do that can help you to cultivate Chi
feeling and Chi energy.


  1. The two common types of Buddhist meditation are shamatha and vipassana. Shamatha meditation consists of types of concentration meditations used to develop focus. Vipassana meditiation consists of practices to develop insight into the true nature of reality. Shim Sung Class

  2. Tai Chi for health purposes is part of complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM. People who practice Tai Chi do so to improve their health, yet it is not fully known what changes occur in the body during Tai Chi, and whether it does, in fact, influence health.

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