Intensive Tai Chi and Chi Kung Course ( August 9 Monday )

Jeffrey Rustand ( Vancouven, Canada )

I first met Sam in Chiang Mai,for an intensive course devoted to the Yang-style short form.Sam truly is masterful in his Tai Chi knowledge and skills.

He is an astute and attentive teacher,flexibly vesponsive to the needs of the student,open to questions,and he has a fine sense of humour.He is also very serious about Tai Chi,and an out standing teacher.

I am not the ablest student of Tai Chi,for sure,yet Sam led me throuth the Yang-style form in a way that produced greater progress than I would have thought possible.

I enthusiatically recommend Sam as a Tai Chi teacher. For anyone learning from him, it will be a most rewarding and satisfoctory experience.


The Secrets of Tai Chi & Chi Kung-Qi Gong ( 1 st August Sunday )


1. About breath, for beginers,no need special method,just to breathe naturely ,for advanced practioners,they can breathe with belly ,skin or their feet.

2. For better internal balance,you need constrate some points / parts of your body,for higher lever you need constrate your parter's body,for top level you need even constrate 10 meters far away from you while practicing Tai Chi.

3. There is only one point of the energy gate in our body which can let us to receive the energy from the universe,the point is in our palm.if you can receive the energy from the universe,then you can healing for yourself or others,it's very effective.

4. There are 3 Dan Tian in our body,the up Dan Tian sensitive to image;the middle Dan Tian is sensitive to lunguage;the down Dan Tian is sensive to the universe.

5. To sink Chi to Dan Tian is very important when practicing Tai Chi,Chi Kung and Meditation,to do that can help you to cultivate Chi
feeling and Chi energy.


Tai Chi Lesson's Testimonials ( Sunday 18 July )

1. An inspiring lesson. I left feeling very relaxed. Would like to learn more. Thank you! - Holly Russell

2.Thank you very much for the nice class,it was great to learn about balance,it will also be very helpful while practicing massage & yoga. - Jngrid

3. A very nice lesson,learnt a lot about has to stand ,speed weight our body,very beneficial. - Chris

4. Excellent, thank you . - Jony

5. Thank you,great teacher. Really loved the class. I want to do more now!!! - Yuko Makay

Tai Chi , I-Ching and Ba Gua ( The Start Form )

Firstly, at the beginning the start form,when arms up and down,there are four kinds of jing,peng,lu ,ji,an,when arms up that's peng ,then fingers up that's ji,after that the elbows down,that's lu,at last hands down,that's an,while do an, need sink Chi to Dantian ( the central part of body ).

Secondly,when do Lanquewei,there are another kinds of peng ,lu,ji,an,the form peng ,lu,ji,an,at this moment,related to I-ching,peng is kan,lu and ji is Li,and is Gen.

For example,when do Peng,the jin (energy)from the middle part of the body ,top and bottom parts are Yin,middle part is Yang,that's Kan, also,Kan is Water,kidney in charge of the water in our body,so practice peng is good for people's kidney;while turn body,need consatrate the Jianjing close to Quchi,Jianjing and Qichi are acupucture points in our body,they are on the energy line and in charge of the arms and back...